Priya Bhandari(thefoodtinkerer)'s review for Thai Pavilion - Vivanta By Taj

Priya Bhandari(thefoodtinkerer)’s review for Thai Pavilion – Vivanta By Taj

If I had to select five best meals of my life, then my Sunday brunch at Thai Pavilion will surely give a tough competition. I recently had a chance to try their revamped menu which now also includes Pan-Asian and Oriental cuisines along with their famous Thai dishes. The place has notably beautiful ambiance and quick, methodical service, so let’s not drag much on it and move straight to food.

We began with delicious Tom Yum Je soup which had beautifully sliced and rolled vegetables with fragrant and herbs-filled broth. For Salad, we had the Yum Mamuang (loosely translates to Thai Green Mango salad). It had sweet, tangy, sliced green mangoes, water chestnuts, mushroom, and zesty mint flavor all of which married quite well on my palate.

We also had the Yasai Itame (translated to Stir Fry Vegetables in Japanese). I liked the sprouts and grilled vegetables covered in soya sauce and sesame oil but personally leaned towards the more upbeat Yum Mamuang salad.

Moving on to the appetizers, we had the Honey Chili Lotus Stem a quintessential dish of Pan-Asian restaurants and a dish you cannot afford to go wrong with, and neither did Thai Pavilion.

I thoroughly enjoyed the crunchy, crispy lotus stems glazed in the sweet-and-spicy sauce. I also really liked the Panko Black pepper Tofu and the Thai Corn Cake which offered a variety when compared to routine Oriental appetizers.

One cannot imagine to sit in an Asian restaurant and not order Dim Sums and neither did we 😛 
The Assorted Veg Dim Sums were an absolute treat to have, the filling was tasty and the buns were steamed to perfection. 

For mains, we had the Spicy Tofu with bell peppers and Thai herbs and Thai Green Curry to go along with Yaki Udon Noodles and sticky Jasmine Rice. I devoured most of it except for the Tofu which had a little weird caramel pudding-like consistency. 

The desserts were the true star of the meal for me. Let’s begin with the Tub Tim Grob (translates to Crunchy Ruby in Thai) is one of the most popular summer desserts in any Thai eateries. It also goes by the name “Red Rubies in Coconut Milk” as the crunchy and chewy water chestnut rubies covered in tapioca flour are served with chilled coconut milk and ice cubes. It was very light and extremely refreshing.

The Litchi Ice cream was no less with exceptional flavors and smooth, creamy texture. I also liked the Apple Tofu, which was poached, and peeled apple glazed with caramelized sugar. 

In conclusion, the place is set to take you on a tasty, lip-smacking ride along with beautiful Thai and Pan-Asian flavors, so simply buckle-up and enjoy it.

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