Priya Bhandari(thefoodtinkerer)'s review for Fat Pigeon - Bar Hop

Priya Bhandari(thefoodtinkerer)’s review for Fat Pigeon – Bar Hop

One of the most talked-about, instagrammable place that has also debuted in a famous YouTube web series(let me know in the comments if you know which one ;P). The place is chic with an exuberant ambiance and is a great spot for a quick couple of drinks with friends or a date-night. 

I recently had a chance to try their revamped menu and I’m so glad I did that 😀

We started off with a Veg Organic Salad, it had a refreshing flavor with lots of fresh and crunchy vegetables, feta cheese and roasted pecan nuts. A beautiful treat not just for your eyes as well.

From the starters menu, my favorite was the Cottage Cheese Popcorn. It had little cubes of cheese deep fried and served along with mayo dip – an ideal choice for finger food. The Spinach & Cheese Parcel had a slightly under-seasoned filling, but the wontons sheets were perfectly thin and fried to a beautiful, crispy golden. The Veg Fat Hats were quite too but just a little oily for my liking. 

The Vegetarian Pizza was decent, nothing too exciting. I really enjoyed the creamy filling in the Veggie Loaded Panini. The Veg Kung Pao Rice Bowl was hands-down the best I’ve had in quite some time. The Sauce was a perfect balance between sweet and sour. 

The desserts made for a perfect ending to our meal. The Mille Feuille had layers of thin, crispy puff pastry alternated with dark chocolate mousse and creamy custard mousse – beautifully executed.

The Rawa Kesari Tart was a quintessential example of modernizing traditional Indian desserts, a must-try. The showstopper was Zuccotto, a semi-frozen Italian dessert made with vanilla sponge, ice cream, macaroons, and tangy raspberry reduction. 

The place is urban, hip and happening with some excellent and beautifully presented dishes.

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