Noor Makeup Studio: Creating makeovers for the modern woman

Noor Makeup Studio: Creating makeovers for the modern woman

Every bride looks forward to her wedding when all eyes are set on her and she’s the queen of the evening. For a woman, her wedding is as much about herself as it is about the ceremony. She wants to look her best when she walks the aisle, performs seven phere or says khubool hai.

At her wedding, every woman wants to be her best self – bold and beautiful. That idea is what brought Amatun Noor, a simple small town girl, into opening one of the most well-known makeup studios in Hyderabad – Noor Makeup Studio.

Driven by her vision, Noor Makeup Studio has made its mark with stunning bridal makeovers tailored to each bride’s requirements. With a team of well trained professional makeup artists, Noor Makeup Studio has great knowledge at its service. They employ techniques and products that help them design an extremely personalized look for every bride.

“We understand the appearance and features of each bride,” Noor says, “and create a look that enhances her natural beauty making her shine in her own way.” This understanding is what forms the basis of every look that is conceptualized and has been pivotal in the studio’s success.

Noor has always believed that makeovers hold more importance than just the appearance. According to her, a great makeover not only transforms a bride’s appearance but the way she sees herself, it boosts her confidence and her morale. It gives her a personality she wants rather than the one that the world wants for her. It makes her more of herself.

The Bridal makeup sessions begin days before the wedding, helping the bride prepare her skin and hair so that she is in her best spirits on the day of her wedding. With trial makeup and hairstyle sessions and pre-wedding prep sessions, Noor Makeup Studio takes care of the bride in the most professional manner. Each makeover is created by keeping in mind the outfit decided by the bride, the theme of the wedding, and also, of course, her natural features.

Amatun Noor began her journey from a young age. Inspired by her mother (who is herself a small town makeup artist), Noor has dedicated her life to ensure that brides feel just as strong as they feel special on their wedding day. Over the years, she has been mentored by some of the world’s best artists and stylists while staying humbled by the basics learned from her mother. Noor has broadened her knowledge and skills from renowned specialists like Bollywood celebrity makeup artist Ashmeen Munjal from Star Academy, Brazillian makeup artist Kennedy Hoffmann, and the Russian hairstylist, the God of hairstyling, Georgiy Kot.

Noor Makeup Studio has a fast growing following in the millennial segment as women of this era and age think of makeovers as a mere elevation of their natural beauty – a thought that resonates with Amatun Noor herself and her brand of personal style. Driven by her vision and inspired by beauty, Noor’s works reflect both innovation and style. Her studio focused on providing the best and advanced services for their clients, Noor Makeup Studio has made their mark in the bridal world with their stunning makeovers.

Another noteworthy quality of this studio is the relationship that they build with their clients. They believe in listening to the bride’s vision of herself, her wishes, and sometimes her childlike whims to understand what she exactly wants and give her that.

Apart from Bridal makeovers, Noor Makeup Studio designs makeovers for the quintessential women of today – be it for a high-stake business meeting or a celebratory party. Even amidst the global crisis pertaining to COVID-19, Noor Makeup Studio is catering to its clients by taking extreme precautionary measures like disinfecting the Studio daily, sanitizing the tools after every service, and using disposable aprons and gloves. They are also providing in-home makeovers to select clientele in specific regions.

As for whatever lays beyond, Noor Makeup Studio seems ready to take it all.

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