“Restaurant & Hospitality Industry” had been one of the worst hit in the recent times, courtesy-The Covid-19 Pandemic.

The Industry loss is estimated in Trillions of Dollars, thus impacting the complete industry, job losses of many talented individuals, chefs, managers, helpers, etc.

Considering the facts & losses to the industry, the Hyderabad Food Insta – 3.0 is being held with a theme – “Regroup & Revive” – A Shoutout to all the food influencers to let’s get out & help the Hospitality & Restaurant Industry Revive.

Hyderabad Food Insta Meet 3.0 is in its third edition, A Curation of Mohd. Zubair Ali of Hyderabad Food Diaries, one of the most followed Food Blogs of Hyderabad. Mr. Zubair Ali a Foodie himself, had worked closely with many Hotels & Restaurants post lifting of Covid-19 lockdown measures for Hospitality & Restaurant Industry by Govt.

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Mr. Zubair said “Its indeed sad to see one of the fastest growing industry suffering due to the covid-19, pandemic”, as I had been to most of the places across Telangana, I duly say that “Restaurants & Hotels” are much more safer than home to eat, stay & rest, the industry has taken quite a remarkable measures to take care of the safety of their visitors, I have blogged about these measures and will continue to do so till the industry is revived.

He added “Today, we are here at Hyderabad Food Insta-3.0, with a congregation of over 70 food bloggers & influencers of Hyderabad, we are here to discuss the ideas, ways & activities to take the level of influencing & blogging forward and also converse the way by which we can convey the people across Hyderabad, about outmost safety-hygiene measures taken by the industry, with respect to the current theme.

Mr. Zubair further added said Hyderabad Food Insta also helps upcoming food bloggers in pursuing their passion for food blogging, the other topics like clicking pictures, using proper hashtags, and various other methods of enhancing food blogging scene in Hyderabad and improving the quality of Blogs and content are also a part of discussions at the Meet.

Mr Tabeer Osmani of Heart Cup Coffee, said “The Heart Cup Coffee are one of the pioneers in organizing events such as “Insta Meet”, Stand Up Comedy Acts, etc. he added that we are pioneers in creating creative get togethers, events, activities which helps young minds to unleash themselves, showcase their talents, discuss issues, initiate creative problem solving methods and more, the present Food Insta Meet with a theme of Revive & Regroup is an initiative by the young minds and we welcome them, we know how the pandemic has caused problem to our industry, and we are ‘all hears’ to this creative bunch of influencers & bloggers as they are here to carve out a path to help the industry revive.

Mr. Mohd Abdul Mohsi from the famous Pista House said “We are known for Hyderabadi Cuisine & are world-famous for our delicacy “HALEEM”, we know about the losses which we suffered and the industry has incurred during these times and I thank Mr. Zubair for Organizing such a wonderful event, which not only helps the community of Bloggers & Influencers regroup but also provide a path, where the industry of “Hospitality & Restaurant” Strive in the right direction. Hyd Food Insta Meet is focused and determined to take such events to next level and make this a yearly affair. Social media is a big thing and the whole blogging community is willing to make a positive difference & impact to the food and beverage industry, added Mr. Zubair Ali.

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