Hay Review By The Gastronomical Affair

Hay Review By The Gastronomical Affair

Frankly I don’t know the story behind the name but ‘HAY’, who cares? This is one of the newest places in Hyderabad which serves great food and drinks. The ambience is lovely and they make use of all the space available to them in a smart way. Here they have a super huge bar which is extremely attractive. We have a lovely bar menu and some quirky cocktails to choose from. We tried out the tipsy Anna and the swing with gin. My favourite was tipsy Anna. I enjoyed this cocktail as it had a hint of curry leaves which gave it an Indian touch. Do try it out. I’m not a DIY cocktail fan so I didn’t quite like the Tiki Taka. In the mocktails we had the watermelon basil cooler and the nutty fruity. Both were quite nice. 

Appetizers: Bellary Barbecue baby corn: This will be the perfect starter for you if you are a vegetarian and need some food to go with your drinks. I liked the blend of flavours and the fact that it wasn’t spicy. It had a Chinese taste to it which goes perfect when you drink. 

Cheesy Kurkure Maggie missiles: This was one interesting dish the crust was crisp and there was soft cheesy Maggie feeling inside. Best when eaten hot. 

Truffle mushroom Galouti kebab: I am a huge fan of Galouti kebab and mushroom too. Hence, I had to order this one. This did complete justice to the taste and the name as the mushroom kebab was silky smooth and had the texture just like the mutton Galouti kebabs. I loved it. 

Butter chicken Kulcha bombs: They were right when they added the word bombs to the dish. This dish was a complete bomb. Super-soft Kulcha Stuffed with delicious butter chicken. I didn’t quite enjoyed a deep this served along with it. Best when eating just like that. 

Andhra chilli chicken: This is HYDERABAD’s favourite dish and I have almost eaten it at every restaurant in Hyderabad. This lived up to its taste and quality. Nice and spicy. The pieces of chicken were nice and juicy and dunked in sauce. 

Nilgiri Fish tikka: This dish was a bit of a let down compared to the other starters we had. The fish was fresh but the marination was slightly less. 
Kurkure crusted veg and chicken burger: This bugger looked super delicious however looks can be deceptive and this burger definitely proved it. It was a complete let down as the Kurkure gave it a weird oily taste And the crust of the party was super thick so it was crispy on the top and had turned hard inside. It was impossible for us to reach the chicken which was cooked decently. 

Sambar khichadi: I am a South Indian food lover hence for me it was a complete delight. The flavours was subtle and the entire dish was delicious. 
Kondapur chicken curry: Something that you need to try when you visit Hay is this Kondapur chicken curry. A lovely creamy blend of mild spices with coconut base. Comfort food at it’s best. 

Jalebi fries: All the Jalebi lovers out there will definitely like this – it was basically Jalebi which was made into sticks rather than the original circular Shape. It was served with a side of Rabdi that looked like cheese sauce. The presentation was good and the Jalebi tasted nice not the best Jalebi ever eaten but definitely decent. 

Chocolate envelope: Being a chocolate lover I had to like this. It was basically a chocolate envelope Filled with chocolate mousse. The chocolate envelope was made from Dark chocolate and the mousse was extremely creamy. I loved this dish however I would have preferred it slightly at room temperature. 

Overall we had a fun experience at this place. The service was good and the staff is courteous. They offer different menu for parties, office lunches and evening snacks. Do check it out. 

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