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These days most people decide what’s fashionable or not by looking at the brand and its price tag. What is fashion, you ask me? Fashion is about expressing who you are, fashion is about reflecting your personality through clothing and dressing in clothes that bring out the best of your body. To put it in a nutshell fashion is all about experimenting till you feel like it fits into the mold of your personal style and this is absolutely an incredible way to find out what clothes go with your body type.

Considering the fact that fashion is ephemeral, it changes so fast- at the drop of a hat that jacket you bought from Zara could get old-fashioned. Buying new clothes every new single-season has become a very common thing nowadays and no wonder it is something most people take for granted in this fast-paced fashion world.

I am Varsha from Nift Delhi. Also, a former electronics engineer who turned her passion for fashion into a reality by leaping into the fashion industry by doing masters of fashion technology from Nift. I first started my fashion career at a fashion house and while I was working in the industry I had opportunities to work closely with designers, International buyers, product development team, and as well as collaborate with international counterparts. All these years I have written, assisted, executed multiple projects, and labored in the fashion world enough to know that I am better off here in the blogosphere.

I have a penchant for sustainable fashion and it is so refreshing to see many designers in today’s world opting for green fashion. During this 2020 pandemic, I have spent a lot of time in isolation musing about revamping my old clothes into something aesthetic and wearable. So, I have stumbled upon a few sustainable fashion ideas to upcycle my wardrobe. In this picture, I have revamped my old “ONLY” (Brand) white shirt into this blue boujee looking outfit using the tie-dye technique. I finished this look with a pair of torn denim shorts and a crop top. This whole look gives that 90’s vibe with a mix of street fashion. My blog is a mixed bag and a treasure trove. From everyday looks to travel posts, lifestyle, and of course fashion which remains constant for all categories.

Small steps make a huge difference. We need to take responsibility for our daily choices Commit to buying less, limit our outfits per day, and invest in pieces that last longer. It’s easy to forget the impact of purchase or the power you have as a consumer. There are small steps we can take each day to pave the path toward a more sustainable fashion future.



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