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A simple introduction to a simple girl, whose simplicity will be her uniqueness. Born in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Moved to India for a degree and fell in love with the city, the people, the customs and beauty. Started the blogging journey on the 30th of December, 2020.
The aim is simple, to show people the beauty, the vibrance and life felt here through eyes, show the perspective of a teenager living here, trying to be relative to them by showcasing the affordable pleasures, the scenic magnificence and the lifestyle, keeping in mind “to show what is, not what could be or should be”.Passions are makeup and DIYs, and the mission is to incorporate body positivity, self-love, and campaigning openly for people labeled as ‘plus size’. Feels that people should feel confident about themselves, that they should their first fans.

The future goal is simple. To create a signature, a helpline of sorts for people of similar ages, a blueprint if you may. To dive below the superficial and reach the normal the true the pure. Plan on growing and reaching as many people as can be reached, to clear out the sparkle that often blinds the youth, and to show beauty at its best, at simplicity.

A simple girl with a simple mission.


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