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Hi, I am Sandeep founder of hyderabadifoodreviews (HFR). Back in November 2020, I was searching for a restaurant with cuisine in mind and ended up surfing for almost an hour in vain. On hearing similar stories from my fellow Hyderabad friends, I understood that there’s a huge gap between the numerous restaurants and their visibility. The foodie in me felt the dire need to step in immediately and churn out a go-to destination for all the cravings. The connection with my HFR family helped me better in suggesting places not known. That’s how the story HFR began.

I am more into food reviewing than blogging. I love to explore food from a normal chai in a small Irani cafe to El barto from a splendid cafe, grilled chicken from a small outlet to presto chicken from a premium restaurant, and whatnot.

I recently completed the haleem series during Ramzan season. Being a Hyderabadi myself, Biryani is the first thing that pops in our mind. Staying loyal to my tribe, I’ve recently started the Biryani series, a window into the known and unknown destinations of the city’s emotion, the Biryani. It is gaining all the love and support from the HFR fam!! Yes, I consider the followers as my family, because of them within no time we are now a 20k strong community and pouring.

    • Right now working on the YouTube version with a leading content creator in the Telugu digital space


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