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ABOUT – HYDERABAD LIFESTYLE BLOGGER SOMDATTA Hello I am Somdatta , I am currently working as a research analyst in AIG hospitals. Since young age fashion intrigued and interested me. For me art and fashion goes together. So for me blogging is about showing people my form of art and inspiring others to live a more colourful life . 

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ABOUT – HYDERABAD LIFESTYLE BLOGGER SABNAM  Hi, my name is sabnam , and i am a passionate blogger and fashion influencer. I have a deep love for fashion, beauty , and lifestyle, and I use my platform to share my unique perspective and inspire others. Whether through my blog, social media, or collaborations with brands, I strive to bring creativity,

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Preeti Singh

ABOUT – HYDERABAD LIFESTYLE BLOGGER PREETI SINGH RANA As I am new to blogging, I am targeting a narrow niche of Fashion, Beauty, and lifestyle products. My page is all about: ‌1. Showcasing products related to beauty, Fashion, and lifestyle being used in real-life. ‌2.

Creating a short video tutorial on how to use the product, a picture

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ABOUT – HYDERABAD LIFESTYLE BLOGGER KASHKOOR / SHEETAL  My name is Sheetal. I am a fun-loving person. I respect and love the diversity of any kind, which makes me open-minded and accepting. I have realistic expectations of myself. My opinion of myself is more important than others' opinion of me. For me, Blogging is a great way to share your thoughts

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Farha Ambreen – Fariamby cooks

ABOUT – HYDERABAD FOOD BLOGGER Farha Ambreen Hello I am Farha Ambreen, I started my Food blog journey in pandemic i. e in 2020. I was fond of trying new recipes especially during Ramadan and hence Work from home gave me an opportunity to take one step further with blogging and introducing recipes and tips to my audience provide visual treat through my

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ABOUT – HYDERABAD FASHION BLOGGER RASHLEEN I’d describe myself as a diligent and an outgoing person, the one who loves to explore the world and learn new things! Modelling has been my passion ever since the beginning. And now I’d like to combine modelling and blogging, and would like to excel in this field too. BRANDS WE’VE WORKED WITH <br

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